Added info for Concessions & minor visual updates


There’s been some confusion with Concession Pricing and what should be entered for the amount, so we’ve redesigned the Concession section of Billable Items to make it clear that Concession Prices are always tax-inclusive:

Just note: Tax will still be applied if the Billable Item has a Tax associated, but it will be applied to the Concession Price you have listed – which is why you’ll want to enter the Price without tax included.

We’ve also made some visual changes to Treatment Notes and the Products Page.

For Treatment Notes, on smaller screens, the Archive button was a little to close for comfort to the Edit button:

While we all enjoy a good love story, the Edit and Archive buttons need some separation in their lives. The buttons now have their own space and learning to live life without being so close to one another.

Finally, while not as exciting as the love drama above, we also fixed a bug that allowed receptionists and other security roles that don’t have permission to Archive Products to see the “Archive” button in a Product’s page. The button did nothing for them, but now it’s been removed for those roles to prevent any possible confusion.

That’s it for changes but feel free to submit any fanfiction for the “Edit” and “Archive” romance. They will be thoroughly read and enjoyed :rofl:!