Add your privacy policy—or other longer text—to patient forms

Patient forms (which were released just yesterday) are already getting some improvements!

We’ve now added a “section description”, so you can write multiple paragraphs (before, you could only have section title and question):

This will be handy if you want to add some longer-form text, such as a privacy policy. Below is an example:

In this case, we’ve made the section title called “Privacy policy”, the section description is the actual policy, and the question and answer are simply “Acceptance”—with a checkbox asking your patient to accept the policy.

It would look something like this on the patient’s side:

:point_up:Note: The patient’s acceptance of your policy via the form will not automatically link up with the “Privacy policy” field of their details—you’ll still need to manually record acceptance there at the moment.

As always, let us know if you have any questions on this!


Hi! Looks like there is a character limit on this page which is preventing us from listing the policies we need clients to consent to. The error message is ‘‘string must not exceed 10000 characters.’’

Can you guys extend this limit? Our lawyers are wordy :wink:

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I second the request for extending the word limit.

It would be great if you could make certain fields such as this mandatory - at the moment you can skip any or even ALL of the fields and submit an empty form! I’d like to create a field for cancellation policies, privacy etc.