Add required questions to patient forms

Patient forms now support required questions. Previously, it was possible for patients to submit forms with incomplete answers—if they didn’t tick a checkbox or answer a particular question, the form would be submitted with that empty answer, which isn’t terribly useful!

You can now specify which questions require an answer, meaning patients won’t be able to submit the form until those questions have been completed. :heavy_check_mark:

To do this, head to Settings, and then Patient form templates. From there, select the form template you want to change. You’ll be able to specify which questions are required by selecting “Yes” under the field that says Required:

Be sure to save your template. Now, when a patient fills this out and submits it, if they don’t answer a required question, they’ll get a message that lets them know:

Setting questions as “required” should help to ensure that patients aren’t accidentally submitting blank answers.

As always, let us know if you have any questions on this!


Thank you for arranging this.