Add product cost price field to invoice items data export

HI there,

Wondering if there is any possibility of simply adding “product cost price” as a data field in the invoice items data export?

At the end of each month we need to calculate the $$ value of products that each of our practitioners have sold, LESS the cost price of those products (they get a monthly commission).

We use the invoice items data export to calculate their products sold, but product cost price is not included in this export and we there fore have to enter the cost price manually each month.

I imagine this data field could also be used by practices for many other calculations such as stock, etc, so would be extremely helpful.



yes please! we too would love this to be included as it would save us a lot of admin time

3rd that! We are about to go to a bonus system and will be very helpful… Guessing a lot a clinics use contractors and pay a % so must be helpful for a lot more clinics that will read and comment here!

Yes please! Especially useful now that cost prices are changing so much thanks to COVID. When a stock adjustment is input I’d like a field for Cost Price (and whether it includes tax) and Retail Price, so we can track our margin and see more easily when we need to adjust our prices, with both of these then displayed in the Stock Adjustments columns.