Add Ins Details etc

  1. Can you add a feature that allows us to enter insurance details into the client’s record?

  2. Add a section for PMI, MN, and AN, body part being treated and how many sessions have been approved.

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This option would be amazing! We currently just use the invoice extra info section to include these details however a specific field would work much better!

Hi all, sorry for the silence here! At the moment, the option that @Kirrilee is using (the “Invoice extra information” field) is going to be the best way to enter insurance details into the client’s record. Can I ask, is there a particular reason this isn’t preferred? Whatever’s included there will automatically go into the invoices, and you can see it at a glance when reviewing the client’s details. But as I’m not a practitioner and using Cliniko in the same way you both are every day, I can’t really speak to why that field might not work! I’d love to hear more about what type of insurance-specific field would be better for you—would it be for reference? Would the information in it be used on letters?

@Linzi, we are currently working on getting the number of approved/authorised sessions into Cliniko. That will be a part of the Medicare integration that is coming soon!