Add images to letters

It would be really helpful if we could add an image to letters.

That way it would be easy to add a signature and other information.

Is this something you are looking at?



This would be a great option. Our old PMS had this and it was great for adding signatures to form letters.

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We have signatures in letters - you can copy and paste any images into the letters or templates.

We have the signatures uploaded to our website (hidden), but if you know the url you can find it copy and paste it.

Easy as that.

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This would be so handy… I currently use Word for all my letters, would be easier to have this integrated into Cliniko

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Shaun- I can’t seem to copy and paste into letter templates at all. Are you using a particular browser? Thanks!

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You can only copy and paste from webpages, not from word docs etc.

If you can search for the image by url you can insert it.

We have templates with common stretches and exercises - the trick was uploading the pics to our website first then copying pasting from there. Same with signatures.

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Yes, I agree and we can include photographic records in our reports etc.

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