Add different logos for each business

If you operate multiple businesses and they each have their own unique branding, you’re in luck—you can now upload individual logos for each clinic! :partying_face:

It’s super easy to set up, and the logos will appear on invoices, payments, account statements, treatment notes, and letters (if the letter templates have “business” placeholders included).

Please note that online bookings do not currently support business-specific logos, but if this changes, we will most certainly let you know.

How it works

First, head to Settings, and then Business information:

Select the business you want to add a new logo to. With the settings (towards the bottom), you’ll see the option to choose a file to upload:

Choose the file (which would be saved somewhere on your computer), and hit the “Update business” button. When you go back to check the logo settings, you’ll see that your new logo is all ready to go:

For any invoices, payments, account statements, or treatment notes that are linked to this business, the logo will show up at the top! The logo will also show on letters, so long as they have a “business” placeholder set up in the template.

There’s no obligation to have different logos for each business, but the option is there if you want to use it. If you do not upload a logo for each business, the default logo will be used. (This is the logo you would have set up within your documents and printing settings.)

If you go into your documents and printing settings, you will see a message stating that the other businesses each have their own logos:

The business-specific logos will be used in place of the default logo. If no business-specific logos are uploaded, then the default will be used.

What it looks like

You will be able to see your individual logos on the relevant PDFs:

:point_up: Note: business-specific logos currently do not apply to online bookings. They will only show up on PDF versions of invoices, payments, account statements, treatment notes, and letters (as long as the letters have a “business” placeholder included in the template).

This will be handy if you operate multiple clinics that have different logos! As always, if you have any questions about this, please let us know!


Thanks Emily, this should be very helpful.

It would be good to use different text on the bottom of invoices. This is where I usually put the payment details for clients if they aren’t paying on the day or have a third party that is funding their services that I need to send the invoices to. Can you advise if it’s possible to separate these per business as well? Or whether invoice settings could be setup per business.

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Hi Jason, can you clarify what you mean by the text “at the bottom”? It sounds like you may be referring to the “default notes” section (which is set up in your main invoice settings), but without seeing it, I’m not quite sure if I’m thinking of the right thing.

If it was the “default notes”, that can’t be specified per-business right now—but within each clinic’s individual settings there is a field for “contact information”. That would show up at the top of the invoice and can be unique for each different business!

Hi Emily. When we create a letter and email the letter to the patient, it would be super awesome if the logo could please show up in that communication instead of having to create a pdf and sending it as an attachment etc It is so much quicker to send the letter as the content of the email and we found more patients read it that way and it would be wonderful if the logo (branding) could be in the content of the email. Is that possible yet? Thanks, Karen


Hi Karen, I can definitely pass the suggestion along! It’s tricky because the way to get a logo image to display in the content of an email is very different than getting it to show up on a PDF, and even if you included it within the email itself, there’s a chance it wouldn’t show up properly on the receiving end (depending on the patient’s email provider or the application they use, sometimes images just show up as a list of text that says “image.png” or something, and loads as an attachment, but doesn’t appear seamlessly within the text). That’s not to say it can’t be done, but I’m not sure if it’s something we will see added within Cliniko in the short term. I will pass the feedback along, though!

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Thanks Emily. Maybe you can come up with some other branding option for email content… like an email signature or a watermark?? Who knows? I am sure you and the team will think of something!!


I REALLY need the option to select separate logos on forms and online bookings etc. It’s great that a different logo can be used on an invoice but if a new client for example, is completing a new client form or booking an online appointment, the correct logo for that specific business REALLY needs to be displayed! Thank you

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