Add additional business information within communications

We’ve now added an additional information section within business details :tada:. For example, directions to your office, parking details, the name of the adorable therapy dog in the lobby, or any information you may want to relay to your patients. When sending out automated or manual communications to your patients, you may want to include this additional information as well. So we’ve also added the additional information placeholder to communication templates.

Adding additional information to your business details

In order to add the additional information details to your business, head to Settings , and click on Business information :

Click the Edit information button on the business you wish to change and from here, you can fill out your additional information details:

Once you’ve added your additional information, make sure to click Update business button at the bottom, and those details will be saved!

Adding the additional information placeholder to communications

After updating your business details, you can include your additional information automatically within your communication templates. This is done through content placeholders. These content placeholders essentially “pull” information into specific fields.

To add the additional information placeholder to your communications templates, head to Settings , and then Appointment confirmations and/or Appointment reminders :

From here, select the template you want to edit and on the next page, you’ll want to use the BUSINESS drop-down. Within that drop-down, you’ll see the AdditionalInformation placholder:

Now that the placeholder has been added to your template, you can preview the new additional information placeholder by clicking View sample underneath the template.

An email preview will pop-up showing a rough example of where & how the additional information will appear within your communication:

Make sure to save your changes and repeat this for any additional templates you may send out to your patients and clients. If you have any questions, reach out to our support team as well!