Add a notice to your online bookings page

There are plently of reasons that you might need to include a notice on your online bookings page (something every patient can see when they first land on it). Right now, you might need to tell patients that you’re not offering appointments due to COVID-19 (:disappointed:), or, if you’re still taking bookings, you may want to display an alert that asks them to please reconsider if they’re feeling unwell.

There are two different types of notices you can add to your online bookings page:

A notice for disabled online bookings

If you want to turn your online bookings off entirely, you can add a title and a message:

That would look something like this on your online bookings page:

A notice for enabled online bookings

If you still have your online bookings *on*, but want to display an alert to your patients, you can utilise the new "important notice" field within the online bookings settings:

That would then show up at the top of your bookings page, and anyone viewing it will have the option to dismiss it (but it’ll be pretty hard to miss):

The main difference between these two types of notices is that one is purely for disabled online bookings, while the other is more of an alert that shows up with the rest of the “regular” online bookings (it will remain at the top of the page at all times, unless the patient dismisses it). Here’s a quick demo of how that looks:

As usual, if you have any questions on this feature, let us know!