Accounts can now have owners

Cliniko accounts can now officially have owners—an owner’s user account is protected, meaning that no one else can make changes to it. Ownership is also used to determine who the rightful owner of an account is, in case of dispute.

:point_up: Please note: Accounts that currently have more than one administrator do not have ownership available—yet. Watch this space for more information!

For accounts that only have one administrator, ownership will have already been defaulted to that person:

Owners will be indicated on the user settings page:

If you want to make someone else an owner, you can head into their user settings and set that up. They’ll need to be an administrator already:

:rotating_light:IMPORTANT: Granting ownership to someone else will mean that no one else—yourself included—can modify their details or revoke their ownership. You’ll be prompted to verify your password prior to granting ownership to another user:

You’ll also see that, once someone has been made an owner, their details cannot be edited:

If at any point you wish to relinquish your ownership, you can do so in your user settings (however, at least one other user would need to be an owner before you can do this):

As mentioned, this currently only applies to existing Cliniko accounts that have one administrator, or new accounts created as of today (4 June 2019).

If you have any questions on this new feature, our support team will be able to help you out! :hugs: