Account statements

Hi folks - I have noticed a new feature appearing on account statements which now include the total amount a client has spent at my business from the time the client began attending. I run a Pilates Studio and most of my clients come once or twice a week and so the account balance is quite high - especially for those clients who have been coming 8+ years! I understand it is good to be transparent but don’t think this feature does my business any favours. I would really appreciate the ability to edit this feature out of the account balances I send. Does anyone else feel the same?


I would definitely not want that on any account statement either for the same reasons. I have actually given up on Cliniko for invoicing because of the many limitations. I would love to be able to use them for that too, instead of subscribing to another service, but the team does not seem to prioritise this aspect of Cliniko.

Thankfully Cliniko have revised the account statement total spent feature and I can now edit my account statements without it. Phew!