Account Outstanding - show what is actually outstanding


Against the invoice. ATM the way it is set up confuse people.

EG, if someone has paid HiCaps, it just shows that $110 is the account, not that $25 has been paid so $85 is outstanding. The amount is at the end, but it still confuses people and makes extra work for me. It would be a lot easier if it was set up with what was outstanding against that invoice


This is something we are finding to be very frustrating as well. when we have clients with multiple payers (i.e. 3rd party insurance, personal insurance, paying out of pocket) they get confused when there is no indication of balance owing on each invoiced service or item on their invoice or account statement. They have questions concerning the breakdown of the balance owing, and without the invoice or account statements listing that info line by line for each item or service, we have to open each individual invoice to find where the total outstanding balance is coming from. And when you have a 3 page long account statement this takes an incredible amount of time on our end to complete.