Account Balance On Patient Invoices

Hi everyone!

I’m wondering if we could get an update to allow us to put a patients account balance on their invoice?

I can’t imagine it is the biggest update but here is the sales pitch:
We’re running patients with positive account balances who have prepaid sessions. The credit balance doesn’t usually match up with the number of sessions they have left (a long story). Patients are always curious with how much credit they have left and it isn’t uncommon for them to get behind if we’re to busy to process their invoices while they are physically in the clinic.
By being able to have they account balance listed on the invoice they’ll be able to check. it for themselves and can be a bit more proactive in budgeting for the next pack. It would also save a fair bit of time on our end from having to manually check patient balances on their file.

Fingers crossed this peaks someone’s interest and a placeholder with this information appears on the invoice template.

Thanks again :slight_smile:


This would be helpful to us too if this were an option to have noted or not noted