Accidentally submitting online forms

Hi Cliniko,

I noticed that, when filling in an online form and moving from one field to another, that if you press enter accidentally instead of tab, it submits the form without any warning. This is a pain if you are 3 pages through a 4 page form and need to start all over again! My suggestion would be that pressing enter at any stage during the form filling would trigger a confirmation message such as ‘are you sure you want to submit this form?’

Loving the feature guys.



That would be a terrific safeguard as its so easy to do.


This is really important add on for us too, I’ve had several patients using a mobile aaccidently submit their form before complete due to clumsy fingers and the same again with the use of the enter button online.
A page to confirm submission would be really important - perhaps the signature box could pop up here too?
Thank you for getting this together, all in all it’s great - just a few additions would make this feature! x

Good news @TimVS! Our team is releasing fix for this as we speak :raised_hands:. Specifically, when patients press enter on accident or go to submit their form they’ll now get a warning/confirmation pop up. This will prompt them if they would like to cancel the submission or continue with submitting the form.

This feature will become live within Cliniko in the next few hours but let us know if you have any other questions though, we’re happy to help!


Wow that was quick! Thanks. I, and I am sure many others, will appreciate this fix and thanks again for a great feature.



Fantastic, I just did this yesterday on my 4 page test patient form and asked about it this morning but told nothing doing at the moment - so came here to add the same request and you’ve fixed it already - yeah!

The patient forms are a FAB feature as part of all the stuff you’ve done for telehealth - have any of you had any sleep over the last few weeks :slight_smile: