ACC integration for NZ clients

Any thoughts on whether you will integrate ACC into Cliniko? Its really expensive to use Invoice Direct or Submit Kit.
ACC have gone to great lengths to make integration a lot easier than it used to be for booking platforms like Cliniko. Have you looked into it recently? There are a lot of users in NZ that would jump on to Cliniko if you had this feature integrated.

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Keen to follow this.

Not sure of the ACC integration end but I do know a number of clinics that are staying with Gensolve (large market share in allied health in NZ) due to it’s strong integration with ACC for billing and sending a storing reports.

I would like to know if its an issue at ACC’s end of Cliniko end. Would be easy to rustle up a significant number that would change over if ACC billing was integrated!

Apparently acc have made it really easy for scheduling apps to integrate with acc now. Not sureif cliniko has reviewed it recently. They should though.

Right, possibly no reason for them not to be integrating then. Interested in their response!

We have gone to Submitkit, alot easier than Invoice Direct…worth a look!

I’m also looking at Invoice Clinic which is lot cheaper for big practices. Has anyone had experience with Invoice Clinic?

Hi everyone! :wave: At the moment, we don’t have any immediate plans to integrate directly with ACC. We have a number of other tasks that we need to prioritise before we move onto other things, and unfortunately, we don’t have a “roadmap” as such to state when/if something might be built into the system. Our founder, Joel, did an “Ask Me Anything” post recently and has written up a summary of where we’re at right now (and what we need to focus on in the immediate future). You can have a read of that summary here:

I wish we were able to provide a more “solid” response to this, and I’m sorry we can’t! Hopefully the post I’ve linked to above gives you a bit more understanding on our current processes, though, and how we decide what to work on.

Let us know if you have any other questions, though!


Also interested in this happening

Hi Emily,

Understandably complex answer to a complex beast that is Cliniko! :slight_smile: In the end, your working on what your working on and big prop’s for what you do do…keep it up! :slight_smile:

I did read in there that you do try to prioritise what you do, based on a number of things. Obviously your medicare integration is due to a large number of subscribers needing help with this in Oz? We are a small market in NZ I know but I would say that almost every subscriber from the fields of Physio/Podiatry/Osteo/Chiro would make use of a direct link into ACC for billings and communication for reporting. I would say there is a large number that would convert over if the ACC billings was easier. It is a huge barrier to conversion for most.not already with you. The ones that have converted over to Cliniko have done so due to the increased features you have but then wear the cost and time to bill manually through another 3rd party app to get up to 30% of their weekly income.

I think we could mobilise more subscribers over to you if they could see the benefits past Cliniko ie Cliniqapps and Xero integration for a start. I am happy to try and lead a charge here with our local allied health communities if there was possibility it would help you increase your subscribers here (if it would give a worthwhile increase in % compared to how every many 1000’s you already have in Oz - which is possibly wouldn’t haha!)

Thanks for reading/listening! :slight_smile:

Hear, hear.
100% agree.

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Hi @GarethNZ, thank you for your response! Those are all really good points, and I’ve passed what you have said onto folks here. It’s definitely not that we think the market in New Zealand is too small (in fact, we do have quite a few customers there!)—but it is a complex answer, as you’ve noted! We’re working really hard on the Medicare stuff right now in part because it has been something we’ve wanted to do for a very long time, we just really haven’t had the resources to do so until this point in time. We are also working directly with another company called Medipass, who have already built an online claiming software—so we’re integrating that into Cliniko (we’re not building claiming from the ground up, but using tools that already exist and incorporating that into Cliniko).

I absolutely understand how it can be a hassle to bill through another third-party app, and I guess all I can say at this point is that we do hear you (and others) on this, and while we can’t give a firm yes or no, please know that we are listening and we are going to continue trying to make Cliniko the best practice management software it can be for all of our users! :slight_smile:


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Thanks Emily for not forgetting NZ.
Hopefully NZ will be next on the list once you have sorted medicare in Australia. :wink:

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