Ability to turn off auto allocation of payment to invoice

It would be good to be able to manually allocate payment to the correct invoice. Sometimes you just press enter as most times there aren’t outstanding invoices. When there are you have to go back and edit which is a bit annoying


I somewhat agree; I think there that the auto-allocation should default to the most recent invoice (which in most cases will be the invoice raised that day).
Patient’s appointments for 2019 are Feb 1, April 1, Jun 1, August 1, October 1, Dec 1.
Patient pays on day for Feb, but doesnt have card/machine not working in April. Patient then comes in to pay in Jun but we don’t notice or forget the outstanding account/patient doesn’t have enough money. If the payment on June 1 is allocated automatically to the April invoice, the patient could then come in in August and is asked to pay both the August invoice and the previously unpaid invoice, but then says they paid in June (which technically they did, but was allocated to April).

By altering the auto-allocation to the most recently raised invoice this would keep “unpaid” invoices open and not mix payments.


When there are workcover patients there are always a few outstanding invoices and you forget to check because you are so used to the auto allocation which works perfectly when people pay for each consult in full after the visit. So you have to go back and edit which is very annoying

Auto allocation has caused us a lot of problems. Often insurance companies pay an amount per invoice and the client has to pay the excess on them.
I’ve had to go back and delete payments from Xero and then undo them and re do them in Cliniko because my admin person hasn’t noticed that Cliniko has just randomly allocated the amounts. :roll_eyes:

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Even when the payment amount is keyed in against the correct invoice once you press Enter it reverts to the most outstanding and you have to delete it and re allocate it. It would be very helpful to have this feature able to be turned off

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great idea as when this is an issue it is always because of the reverse (allocating payment for the new invoice to the old one). I cant think of a time where the issue would have been because of the opposite so your suggestion would be a great fix!

I have a patient who has a credit for an exercise class and 3 or 4 outstanding invoices on workcover. So everytime i goto enter a payment for the workcover invoice, I have to remember to check which one to apply it to and then untick all the invoices it has automatically applied the credit to. Very annoying. Really urgently need to be able to turn auto allocation OFF

personally turning auto allocation off all payments I think would be worse as it meant every time entering a payment you would have to enter the payment amount in the payment types, then also to the invoice. so 90% of the time its more work.

Turning auto allocation of credit off would be useful though if there was a simple way to then allocate it.