Ability to restrict services to certain times/days

Hi Cliniko team

It would be REALLY HELPFUL to be able to restrict certain appointments to specific times of the day and specific days of the week, especially for promotions. The way it operates at the moment means you end up having to move appts around because clients don’t read the terms of the promotion fully. This creates more management for us and frustration for the client. It would also help when trying to allocate equipment for certain appointments, & managing therapists needs etc. Also when you are trying to establish a new therapist and promote them for something specific.


I agree. We currently designate intake appointments in the diary by putting them all under a fake client name, with a unique colour coding for appointment type. That way admin know when they can book in new clients. However, this skews our cancellation data, as the appointment is cancelled everytime it is removed and rebooked for an actual client. It is annoying to have to use a work around for this.

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If you ‘Archive’ the appointment it won’t go into the cancellation list (I believe). Would that work for you?

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