Ability to nominate an appointment type as "Invoice Not Required"

In settings under “Edit Appointment Type” it would be useful to have a section to mark as “Not For Invoicing”.
Examples: Staff meetings, development sessions, holidays and a variety of other appointments that do not require an invoice to be raised.
These appointments can be set as “unavailable time”, however, for ease we have created them as their own appointment types and colour coded them so it would be great to be able to mark these as “invoice not required”.
When we raise a report of “Uninvoiced appointments” all of these appear on the report and it would be more efficient if they didn’t.

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Yes Please! - an ability to nominate an appointment type as “Invoice Not Required” would improve the usability of Cliniko for busy administration and clinicians. We require bookings for shadowing trainee clinicians, and currently the only way to do this is to use the block out feature - time consuming.
Also an ability to book multiple clinicians for one appointment would assist with trainee clinicians shadowing.
Cliniko would also be improved with the addition of an ability to add public holidays and clinician holiday periods - instead of just blocking out unavailable times.
Please add some user friendly options for the program to improve its usability.


This is becoming more and more frustrating to work with

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