Ability to edit Receipts and Invoices pdf

The content of the generated Receipts and Invoices needs to be, to come extend, controllable.

  • I offer some services as an individual and I can very comfortably manage that with Businesses. But then my receipt mentions the “Practitioner” which doesn’t make any sense.

  • Most of the services we are offering are Tax-exempt. Including tax even when its 0 seems very strange.

  • Including the word “Notes:” in an invoice that doesn’t have any seems counterintuitive.

  • The luck of ability to include the full details (Name and Address for example) in the Receipt is highly problematic as in our region this is legally required.

  • Including the time of payment is very strange, at least for my region, and I consider it a privacy issue as well.


  • so many digits to include the number of the invoice or receipt makes me feel so young. Number # 0000001


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