Ability for clients to click to confirm their appt in confirmation email


Ok I definitely think this is a feature you guys should put into play. The ability for clients to click a button in their confirmation email to confirm their appt! And also where there is an attachment they can click so that the appt gets added to their iCal or whatever. People live on their devices these days…business cards are a thing of the past…I think this would be awesome for retention! So when shall we look out for this feature?



I think when they receive the confirmation on Gmail they can add it to the ical. But talking about business card what would be super cool in terms of marketing is if to each email send they would be a attachment to the email with the contact details/ online booking link to the practice and maybe a little logo that they could forward to a friend or to social media. some kind of virtual business card. That would be so very good for word of mouth



yes please for confirm appointment button



Texting seems far more reliable as a reminder.
If a patient doesn’t respond YES what do you do? Assume they aren’t coming, telephone directly to remind them? How long to give them to reply?
Patients can reply to the SMS anyway so you could just ask them to respond in the text message…that’s what my optician does.



I think that different people respond better to different modes of communication. Yes we get people to respond YES to confirmation SMS’s but that doesn’t mean everyone does. However, someone working on their computer can quite easily hit the click to confirm button in an email which I believe will appeal more to some people than the SMS’s…so in short I think best to have both…

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That makes sense - but what do you do if they don’t respond? Do you call them? If/when you do had the patients known about the appointment but just not replied? How long do you give them to reply?
Have you tried just asking them to reply to the email with a YES?
I wonder if cliniko’s email system could provide read receipts? Then we’d know a Patient opened the email.



Yes please to a confirmation button that automatically confirms the appointment in cliniko. Client service people spend a lot of time manually confirming appointments from emails and SMS replies.



Love this and also from SMS reminders



Is this for the appointment confirmation email that is sent out immediately after the client booked or for the reminder email?
If it is for the confirmation email, I don’t really see the point. They have just chosen the date/time themselves. As a client I wouldn’t like that and only get in touch if I made a mistake and booked the wrong day or so.

If this is meant for the reminder I’m still sceptical about this feature, but it probably depends on when you send the reminder. I send mine only the day before the appointment. If it comes I hope it will be optional. Clients already have no sign of guilt when cancelling late and having an explicit confirm button in the reminder would only suggest to them that their booking isn’t final unless they click on it and also that they can ignore any cancellation policies. And as somebody has already asked, what do you do when they don’t confirm or how much time do you give them? With, in my case, less than 24 hours it is not very likely that I can fill the space otherwise, therefore I don’t want to educate them to be even more unreliable.

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If only we could capture their credit card details… :expressionless:



Since sending a text reminder the day before, we have seen a reduction in late cancellations and no shows.

Our text is as follows:
Appointment Reminder from {{Business.Name}} for {{Appointment.Date}} at {{Appointment.StartTime}} with {{Practitioner.FullNameWithTitle}}. Reply YES to confirm or NO to change.

The text looks like this to the client:
Appointment Reminder from Sussex Physio Pilates for Mon, 5 Nov 2018 at 4:45PM with Stuart Hart. Reply YES to confirm or NO to change.



Yes, I definitely think that Cliniko needs to implement this feature on email and/or SMS. We spend a lot of time manually confirming appointments when we receive the confirmations back. Another program I’ve used in this past automatically updates the appointment status based on the patient’s response.

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Hi everyone, in Cliniq Apps you can use our feature -> Appointment Confirmation +

This feature sends an SMS to your patients with the details they need. It has buttons for ‘I will attend’ , ’ I will not attend’ and ‘Call practice’. You can define its colors, add your own logo, and even change button texts. Patients also have the opportunity to comment.

If you have multiple locations, the system automatically detects which location should be called so patients have a one click to call option.

All the actions (button clicks + comments) will be immediately emailed to your preferred email address and also your Cliniko calendar will be updated. -> inside your calendar in the Appointment itself the attendance status of the patient + their comment will be recorded immediately. So you can see their attendance status without leaving Cliniko.

If you want, after someone clicks the ‘I will attend’ button, you can direct them to your Patient Intake form. This will help them to fill your forms at their own convenience and eliminates your paperwork and times wasted in your waiting room.

To know more about this feature, please go to: www.cliniqapps.com





Do me a favour and email Cliniko the code, so they can add it!

Like I and many others have said, I’m not paying an additional $149 to you, for features that should be in my current provider, who I’m currently paying $145 + SMS credits each month!

Come on Cliniko - as per your website…

Let’s be conservative here… 1000 clients each month pay $100 = $100,000!
Why can’t you work together, buy the code, employ their team, or their time, or even buy Cliniq Apps and give us what we need! (sorry Hootan)



Totally agree that Cliniko should have their own app but that comes at a cost to the end consumer, so your membership would have to increase and given Clinic Apps does the job, might as well just use their services. I have looked into other similar booking systems (Zenotti and Mind Body) and if you want to have the app, you need to pay more. Seems fair to me. But one thing I would love to see happening with Cliniko is the ability to take a pre authorisation at the time of booking to reduce no shows and late cancellations. This will mean that we will need to have an account with an online merchant, like PayPal or Stripe, which is not hard to get, but their fees are high. Tough game I know but I’m still in favour of pre authorisations, they cost nothing. Food delivery apps do it, Uber does it, Car rentals, hotels, flights, they all do it, but in the health industry it sounds weird to take a pre-auth doesn’t it? Sounds like we are being mean. My therapists only get paid for the work that they do and a no show means a big cut in their paycheque. I’m sure we are not alone here.