Abbreviations for birth month when creating a new patient from the appointments page

When creating a new patient from the appointments screen, the month in their date of birth is now abbreviated (rather than showing as numbers, which is what it was before):

This matches up with how the date of birth is displayed on the regular “new patient” page!

Was there a reason this was changed? When making new appointments, it’s much easier to press “2” and for it to go to “Feb”, now I have to select the drop down menu and pick a month - not as efficient :frowning:

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I like this much better - I’m numerically challenged and prefer the months’ names.

Seconding - using tab and the number pad to quickly enter a patient’s DOB was super efficient. Curious why this has changed.

:wave: Hi @Sonia_Kaur and @ESSP, I’m sorry to hear that this change doesn’t work well for you. This was done in order to be consistent with the DOB formatting within the patient’s file (so, if you are adding or editing a patient through the “Patients” tab). That DOB menu had the months listed as abbreviations, so modifying it on the appointments page ensured that the two matched up.

I’m not sure if it helps at all, but you can still use keyboard shortcuts (such as “F” to select “Feb”).

Let me know if you had any other questions on this!