A slight change to the process of creating and sending a one-off form

Last month, a new way to send one-off forms to patients was introduced. We’ve made a little tweak to this process—previously, when you wanted to create a new form, a little “pop-up” window would open, and you’d create the form via that pop-up, and then, after a couple more clicks, you’d be able to send the form to the patient. Here’s what it used to look like:

This has been modified slightly, in that now, rather than the new form being created in the pop-up, a new page is opened entirely. From that page, you can create the form (from your list of preexisting templates), and opt to create and send at the same time, via email or SMS:

You can also still simply create it, but not send it—however, the main difference here is that you can create and send within the same “step”, versus it being a couple of steps!

As always, if you have any questions, our support team is here to help. This guide on sending one-off forms may be handy, as well!


Could you add the QR code option to the pop up as well?

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Please could you reinstate the option to Copy Link as this enables me to give the patient the opportunity of filling it in on a tablet while in clinic. It is such an essential feature thank you.

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The link is still an option but you now have to do an extra step of clicking the ‘Action’s’ button, then ‘Send To Patient’ button and then the option to copy the link is there.

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