A page of current clients by clinician

My team and I have a lot of clients and do a lot of non face to face work with them as NDIS OT’s.
To be able to look at a list of everyone on my caseload would be really handy to help me keep a track of everyone on my caseload and work out how much capacity I have for new clients.
I have tried using excel spreadsheets, trello, even the dashboard page in cliniko to keep a list and t he data exports are sooooo difficult and time consuming to use for this purpose.
None of these options really work well.
I have spoken to other OT’s using Cliniko and they have given feedback that this would be useful for them too…

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Dataplayer would be happy to help with a solution to this problem. Reach out to me for a chat or go to dataplayer.io for more information.