A new "Uninvoiced appointments" report

It’s now easier to see which appointments haven’t yet been invoiced. Within the Reports section in Cliniko, under Appointments, you’ll see a new report: Uninvoiced appointments:

This report will let you filter by date, business, and practitioner (just like many other reports), and will give you a list of appointments that have not been invoiced (meaning, no invoice has been created/attached to that appointment) during that time:

From this report, you’ll be able to create an invoice without having to go back to the calendar to find the appointment, which should save a few clicks! Here’s a quick video of this process in action:

This should make things easier for you, if you need to get an overview of all appointments that still need invoices created!

:point_up:Note: Appointments will only show up in this report if no invoices have been created whatsoever. If you’re wanting to find appointments/invoices that are still owing, check out the Outstanding invoices report!

As always, if you have any questions on this, please let us know!


A much needed report for every clinic. I’ve been using it and it’s much better than the export to a spreadsheet and filter method we’ve been using.

Is there a way for you guys to implement a filter checkbox for “Cancelled Appointments”
Many of our cancelled appointments are well within our cancellation without charge period but still show up in the uninvoiced appointments report.

Also being able to order by date, not just client name would be handy as well.

Great implementation though. Please don’t stop.

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This is excellent - a much needed report and really pleased it has finally arrived. My issue is that i ran a report from Jan to June and its showing 2000 uninvoiced appointments.

We had to make a work around for registration for our online pilates classes so now we keep an attendance record for every pilates class. Someone will pay for the block via the online booking portal at £72 for 8 weeks of classes and they get an auto confirmation email. But i have a second appointment type right next to it that I have to register people into it to keep a record of who attends every session, so when they’re added in to the attendance appointment type they don’t get a hundred autoconfirmation emails.

This means that my uninvoiced appointments are incredibly high.

It would be handy to have a further filter on the results of the report so you could filter out cancelled appointments and my pilates appointments etc that don’t need invoiced anyway. Not sure if that is possible?

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Why as the clinic’s bookkeeper and power receptionist can I NOT see this report?
Part of my role is to review all appts to check they have been invoiced. Is this report only for administrators?

Hi @Leanne, if you have the Power Receptionist role, you should be able to see this report! However, anyone with the Bookkeeper role wouldn’t be able to. As the uninvoiced appointment report has appointment includes appointment details (which Bookkeepers aren’t privy to), it won’t be accessible for anyone with that role—but so long as you’re a Power Receptionist, you should be able to see it!