A new "never remove" setting for the wait list

If you use the wait list, you’ll now have the option to never remove a patient from it, so they’ll always be ready and waiting for an available appointment!

Previously, “never” wasn’t an option—you could set the default expiry date (meaning, the date the patient is removed from the wait list) to something weeks ahead, but at some point, they’d eventually be removed. That’s no longer the case!

Within your main account settings, you can select “Never” for the default wait list expiry period:

And, even if you don’t do this in the main settings, you can specify individual patients to never be removed when you’re adding them to the wait list. The little calendar pop-up has a “never remove” option at the bottom:

:point_up:Note: If you change the default expiry setting to “Never” in your main account settings, this will apply to new wait list entries. Existing entries will not be affected.

This should help in all your wait list needs! :tada::date: As usual, if you have any questions, we’re here to help!