A consistant note area on the first page from visit to vist needed

There is no way to have some initial notes be visible for every appointment on the treatment notes. The only option is to use the Add Medical Alert. This really is not sufficient.

You may recommend ‘simply’ going back to the inital notes. But that requires time and a search, when the permanant notes should be displayed automatically.

It would be ideal if images could be attached to these perminantly displayed notes, such as x-ray or an image of the patient, or the patient’s posture, even if annotated humanoid images could be selected to always present upon opening the notes, would be very helpful.

At the moment, there is no where for perminant notes to be presented. (except the Medical Alerts) This is a big let down and always causes me the most time, having to ‘search’ for what should be right there on the first page.

Hey there!

Would using the “pin” function do the job for you? Here’s how it works: Pin a treatment note to the top for easy, quick reference when writing other notes!

With that one, you can have any Note pinned to the top of the list. This will mean that when writing a new Note, that pinned one will be the first thing you see in the list of past Notes on the right!

As for images, unfortunately it’s not possible to attach them to the Treatment Notes at this stage, though, but hopefully that pin function can help out a little here with that searching problem!

No this does not help at all. I need to see basic intake notes there every time. Diagnosis, Complaints, locations of pains, etc. For every single visit these need to be searched for even if the patient has been in 50 x Copying the previous treatment notes is no use either as it is the intake infor that is required.

This much needed feature really needs to include images too. So the Dr can see a picture of the patient, of images of the complaint, posture etc. All this initial information that is crucial is not available after unless going back to the original intake notes, but then the current treatment notes are not visible to compare. It’s as tho someone that has never actually been a practitioner before, has designed these notes and any essential feature you say you will not or have no plans to include. It’s really frustrating.

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