A better alert for conflicting appointments


If you’re scheduling a series of repeating appointments (for example, something occurring every Tuesday at 11:00, for four weeks), and there are already other appointments booked that would overlap with any of these repeats (or you’re simply not available at that time)…the calendar will now properly let you know!

You’ll see a yellow bar at the top of the calendar screen, stating when you’re not available, due to a preexisting appointment or unavailable time:

And if you click on the date(s) mentioned in the yellow bar, you’ll be able to where exactly where the conflicting appointments or unavailable times are, so you can resolve them if need be:

Previously, we didn’t do a great job of displaying when/where any conflicting dates and times were, so this should make it easier for you, if you happen to book a repeating series of appointments that overlap with something that already exists!