6 Monthly Health Check Reminder


Hi All,
Is there a feature / report we can use to go into our patients that havent been in for 6 months so we can send them a friendly reminder text message ?


Hey there team!

Sure thing! Head to Reports, then select the Patients Without Upcoming Appointments report. That one will show you all people that came into your clinic within a selected time period, but who haven’t come in since and who don’t have any future appointments!

That will just provide you with the list to use. You will then have to SMS those people from their Patient Details page one-by-one!



As well as the report mentioned, we use recalls for this, and have created a system using multiple types of recall whereby any patient who leaves without an appointment is assigned a recall and either discharged or contacted within a week. Allows us to keep close tabs on patient’s progress and discharge efficiently when appropriate.


Hi, you can use Cliniq Apps to automate your recalls , reduce your late-cancellations, rebook DNAs and much more. Check out our patient reactivation/ recall model here.