3rd Party Payments

We often have 3rd party payments come through for organisations whom pay in a lump sum for multiple patients. It would be ideal to be able to receipt payment off for the 3rd party and allocate funds to the appropriate account rather than enter them as seperate payments, if that makes sense?


Hi @Kirrilee! I’m not completely sure I understand, I’m sorry! Does this refer to the third party sending payment for multiple patients in one go (so, for instance, a lump sum of $500), and being able to record that as just simply one payment of $500 in Cliniko, and “assign” portions of it to different patients? (Rather than breaking it into multiple smaller payments and recording those individually?)



Yes exactly! Sorry, It didnt quite make sense.

Got it, thank you! :slight_smile: I can certainly pass this one along to the team—I can see how it would be a super time-saver! Thank you for the suggestion!


@emily this same scenario could be used for family payments…lump sum paid by a parent but used by the whole family :money_mouth_face:

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@Chiro13, that’s a direction we’d love to take, too! At the moment, you can “relate” patients to one another; ideally, we’ll be able to offer family billing so you can process everyone’s payments at once. I don’t know when we’d have it, but it’s on our wish list!

@emily even just being able to use credit from someone elses account would be a simple solution

There’s a way you can do this right now! It’s a workaround, but we generally recommend it to people who are looking to use some of person A’s account credit for person B.

We call it a “balance transfer”—what you would want to do is as follows:

  • Go to the “Payments” tab and click “Add Payment”.
  • Type in the patient you are moving the account credit from (person A).
  • Enter a negative payment (i.e. -100) under any category, and then save the payment.

These steps remove the money from the “donating” patient.

To apply the credit to the other person’s account, you can follow these steps:

  • Go back to the “Payments” tab and click “Add Payment”.
  • Type in the patient you are moving the account credit to (person B).
  • Enter a positive payment (i.e. 100) in the same category as in step 3 above.

These steps add the money to the account receiving the “donation”.

It’s not perfect and admittedly it’s a bit clunky, but until we have a proper method in place for this, it would be the best way to handle it at the moment!

Yes, can’t wait for the real method…I suggested this in 2015 :joy:
Thought the idea would have been popular

It’s not that it’s not popular—it’s more of a “quite complicated from a coding standpoint and there were a lot of other projects we had to work on” kind of thing! The way we have financials structured right now are haven’t changed much since Cliniko was born in 2011, and they’re due for an overhaul. The tricky thing is that it’s quite the overhaul they’re due for, because as Cliniko grew and was started to be used in a lot of different ways, the “backbone” of the finances stayed pretty much the same—so in order to allow for someone to easily pay for another patient, we have to do some pretty intensive development work! The team has had to prioritise other things, and unfortunately it has meant that the financial redesign wasn’t given as much attention as we would have liked to give it. :disappointed:

We still don’t have an ETA, but making payments easier, all-around, is something that is definitely on our radar. We’ll definitely let everyone know when we have something to report in this area!



Thanks for the update

This idea of having one payment against a group would be very useful for our clinic too.

We’ve just moved to cliniko from TM2 and the invoicing on cliniko is a little awkward so far.

We need to invoice a 3rd party for say 6 sessions at the same time. The 3rd party then pays one lump sum for several people.

It would be so useful to accept that one payment against a 3rd party and then the payment would be allocated apopriately against the appointments.

It would then be useful to have a report you could run to then show the outstanding invoices sorted in terms of groups or other ways of sorting outstanding. E.g. Bupa has ÂŁ220 owed. Etc. At the moment it seems the only report is the outstanding invoices but it shows every single invoice in no particular order.

It would also be useful to invoice at the end of a case or block of sessions but have it so that each appointment comes up on the invoice.

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