2 Factor Authentication

Now Xero integration with Cliniko is enforcing 2FA, how is this going to work with remote receptions? Is anything going to be put in to make this simpler as so far, all Cliniko have said, is that every single member of a remote reception will need their own admin account which is lunacy.
There has to be a better way surely, particularly as admin access doesn’t give access to Xero anyway?

I see nobody has responded to this topic Wendy - from the community or from Cliniko. I’ve just raised a ticket for it because I’ve turned 2FA on this morning for all practitioners. That has stopped our virtual PA being able to book appointments for us.

And I now can’t turn off the requirement to use 2FA!

understandably, the VPA are not willing to ask all their staff to use their mobiles to download an app and authenticate every time they login to Cliniko. Imagine if they have several practices they are servicing who use Cliniko.

This should be changed to only practitioners or even better only administrators.

Hi @wendyn and @julian! Sorry for the delayed reply. We recommend an authenticator called Authy. They have a desktop app (https://authy.com/download/), which will help the virtual PAs, and it can also be used across multiple devices (https://authy.com/features/multiple-devices/). Hopefully that’ll make life a bit easier!

Thanks Martina. Yes, that’s the advice I got from Support and I’ve passed it on to our Virtual PA.

You might want to put it more prominently in the FAQ article on setting up 2FA

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