12 & 18 hour option added to Minimum advance time required for bookings


If Online Booking is enabled for your business or clinic, you have 2 new options for the “Minimum advance time required for bookings” setting :raised_hands:.

You can now select “12 hours” and “18 hours” via Settings → Appointments → Online Bookings.

This setting gives you a bit of a “buffer time” in between when the next appointment is available, and when someone can actually book that appointment. So if it’s 7 PM on Wednesday, selecting “12 hours” means the earliest they can book is 7 AM on Thursday.

We’ve also added some clarification on the “1 day” and “2 days” option for “Minimum advance time required for bookings”.

Now if only I could get this option/setting in real life for when my in-laws try to come over…