Updates & Changes

You can now record all your communications! (3)
Preferred first names for patients are HERE! (3)
Cliniko This Week - Foot Diagrams, Privacy Policy in Data Export, and Xero changes (1)
Foot Diagrams are now included in Body Charts Templates! (4)
"Accepted Privacy Policy" Now Included in Patients Data Export! (3)
Cliniko This Week - Launch of Body Charts, Practitioner Notifications, and Online Booking Limits (3)
Practitioners can now be notified of ALL new appointments! (5)
Body charts have arrived! 🎉 (2)
Change to Online Bookings Daily Limit! (1)
Planned Maintenance Saturday 22nd / Sunday 23rd of September 2018 (1)
Two Permission bugs squashed! (1)
Cliniko This Week - Internet Explorer 11 Warning, change to Recent Invoices view, and more (1)
Cliniko This Week - New Recent Invoices View, API Key Change, and More! (1)
API Key Changes (1)
Cliniko Usage Limit (429 Error) (1)
Practitioner Performance Report Changes (1)
New Recent Invoices View! (1)
Cliniko This Week - API, Xero Payments, and Inactive Practitioner changes (2)
Cliniko This Week - New data in Payments Data Export and more! (1)
Added info for Concessions & minor visual updates (1)
Online Booking iCal and Embed Fixes (1)
Appointment Fixes (1)
Calendar time column fix, and more recent changes (1)
Payment Data Exports based on Payment Date instead of Created Date (1)
Payment Data Export now includes Tax Amount! (1)
Cliniko This Week - Recap of 16 Changes to Cliniko (1)
Missing Icon for File Attachments Fixed (1)
Search for Invoices Fixed (1)
Size improvements on Smaller Screens (1)
Planned Maintenance Saturday 21st / Sunday 22nd of July 2018 (1)