Updates & Changes

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Cliniko This Week: New warning message for inactive users with API keys, bug fixes to the Appointment schedule report, and more! (3)
You'll now see a warning if you make a user inactive *and* that user had API keys enabled (1)
Bug fix for archived business deletion (2)
Cliniko This Week: Changes to how you can record your patients’ sex, gender identity, and pronouns; placeholders for patients’ current age; and more! (1)
Automatically include a patient's current age in communications! (1)
Improvements to recording Sex, Gender Identity, and Pronouns (3)
Cliniko This Week: Fixes to services in online bookings, improvements to file uploads, plus a team meetup! (3)
Cliniko This Week - Assign Services to Businesses, Appt. Labels, Business ID in Exports, and more! (2)
Cliniko This Week - Communication filters, Business Name on Statements, Privacy Policy export, and more! (3)
You can now select which business name to display at the top of Account Statements! (3)
Communications can now be filtered by type! (1)
Cliniko This Week - External Calendar URLs expiring Dec 1, Password Reset Emails change, SMS Replies for Cancelled Appointments, and more! (3)
Changes to External Calendar URLs (3)
Cliniko This Week - New Online Booking embed code, MailChimp integration alerts, Recent Invoice update, and MORE (1)
Releases, improvements, and fixes: Treatment note questions, visibility of reports, and more! (1)
Sorry for our outage this morning (1)
Releases, improvements, and fixes: Foot diagrams, preferred first names, services per clinic, and more! (1)
New labels for upcoming appointments! (4)
We now show a warning before clicking out of an appointment! (3)
Services can now be offered at specific clinics! (3)
Cliniko This Week - Preferred First Name, Record Communications, and more changes! (1)
You can now record all your communications! (3)
Preferred first names for patients are HERE! (3)
Cliniko This Week - Foot Diagrams, Privacy Policy in Data Export, and Xero changes (1)
Foot Diagrams are now included in Body Charts Templates! (4)
"Accepted Privacy Policy" Now Included in Patients Data Export! (3)
Cliniko This Week - Launch of Body Charts, Practitioner Notifications, and Online Booking Limits (3)
Practitioners can now be notified of ALL new appointments! (5)
Body charts have arrived! 🎉 (2)