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Variable Pricing Structure (different practitioners) (14)
Block Patients from Online Bookings (4)
Group Sessions - bulk session purchases & patient cancellations ( 2 ) (24)
Single sign-on via SAML requested (1)
Archive multiple appointments for one client (1)
Treatment Notes - add Table (2)
WHen will Cliniko talk to medicare and DVA in australia (15)
Ability for clients to click to confirm their appt in confirmation email (14)
Email Receipts option (5)
Need for footer and signature section (3)
Letter Practitioner Provider Number (2)
Birthday Notification/Symbol (1)
Cancellation Information for Patients and Clinic (3)
Filter treatment notes by date or Automatically chronologically sort by appointment date (1)
Online Registration Forms (5)
Auto save/ prompt to save (1)
Enable Google AdWords Conversion Tracking to be setup with Cliniko as well as Google Tag Manager and Redirects to a Custom Thank You Page URL ( 2 ) (26)
Patient Info/Alarms (8)
Notifications for Practitioners when Patients Added to Wait List (1)
No report to pay our practitioners accurately based on revenue received (16)
Audit and Activity Log for users (1)
Attaching Documents to Appointment Notes (5)
Integration With Google Bookings (8)
Outcome Measures (1)
Orderable "Patients waiting" list on Dashboard (4)
Offer a smaller pen tip size for online templates (1)
A “waiting room” (1)
Hiding Online Booking Availability (1)
Adding a late check-in option, paired with the ability to produce reports for late arrivals (1)